Privacy Policy

CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING values its visitors’ privacy and has developed the following statement to explain how individually identifiable and non-personally identifiable information is collected and used by CASAFERTONANI.COM. CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING advises its website visitors to be cautious while disclosing personal information online.


When we update our Privacy Statement, we’ll update the month, day, and year next to the link to let you know. This link is at the bottom of every page of CASAFERTONANI.COM.


Our Web site is not intended for minors under the age of 18 and we ask that they not submit any personal information. If you are under the age of 18, you may only access this site alongside your parents or guardians.


The CASAFERTONANI.COM internet servers automatically collect non-personally identifiable information about our visitors, such as the type of browser you use, the domain name of your internet service provider, where you go on the site, how long you spend there, and what you buy.


A “cookie” is a little piece of data transmitted from a web server to your browser and saved on your computer. All CASAFERTONANI.COM pages that need logging in or customization require cookies to be accepted. • Remind us who you are and access your account information (stored on our systems) to provide you with better and more tailored service. This cookie is set when you register and is removed when you log out. CASAFERTONANI.COM also uses cookies to save your zip code to help you discover a CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING near you.

  • Count our audience. Each browser visiting CASAFERTONANI.COM receives a unique cookie that helps deliver messaging, promotions, and adverts based on user interests and activity.
  • Help us track customer visits and sales, and process your shopping basket items. A cookie’s “clickstream” or “click trail” can tell you the pages you’ve visited in each section of the business.
  • Keep track of your progress and entries in our competitions and sweepstakes. Using cookies allows CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING to follow a player’s progress through a promotion and track their entries, submissions, and prize drawing status.
  • Track traffic patterns, regions of the GOLDSGYM website visited, and your overall visit trends. This research helps us understand our users’ behaviours and how to improve their experience on CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING.COM. We may use this data to better tailor the content, ads, and promotions you see on our sites.

Advertisers on CASAFERTONANI.COM may also use their own cookies. You agree that we may contact you and provide you information tailored to your interests, such as targeted banner ads, administrative notifications, product offers, and messages related to your use of the Web site. To receive this information, you must accept the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We urge you to opt out of receiving some communications if you do not want to receive them. Your notification choices can be changed at any time.

You have options with cookies. You may accept all cookies, be alerted when a cookie is set, or reject all cookies by changing your browser choices. If you reject all cookies, you will not be able to utilise CASAFERTONANI.COM services that require registration. Signing up for free passes, engaging in loyalty or reward programmes, etc.

Information gathered by CASAFERTONANI.COM internet servers and cookies is used to enhance the content of our Web site, customise the content and/or layout to consumer trends and alert users about modifications to the Web site. It retains the right to share or otherwise use this information in aggregate form for any purpose it deems appropriate.

Statistics regarding visits to our website are gathered using log files stored on web servers owned by CASAFERTONANI.COM and third-party ad service providers. This information is used by CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING to improve the content of our Web site.


GOLDSGYM.COM accepts and keeps any personally identifiable information you input on our website or send to us in any other manner (such as your name, street address, telephone number and email address). A copy of any email conversation sent to CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING will be kept on file. Women’s Body Building knows about such information only when it is willingly given or publicised. Every time CASAFERTONANI.COM collects personally identifiable information, we make sure to link to our Privacy Statement.
Only CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING and its authorised agents shall have access to personally identifiable information.

  • To satisfy your wishes (e.g., enter you into a contest or sweepstakes);
  • To customise the Web site based on your indicated interests and choices, or to interact with you in this manner.
  • To run the Web site or assist you with inquiries or difficulties;
  • As required by relevant laws, rules, regulations, or the Terms and Conditions applicable to this Web site, in CASA FERTONANI’S sole discretion.

If we think in good faith that the law demands it, or to defend the interests of CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING, its affiliates, or subscribers, we will disclose personally identifiable information with third parties.
In the event that CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING intends to disclose personally identifiable information to third parties for reasons not outlined above, you will be notified at the time of collection, and you will be given the opportunity to opt out of our online database, so that participation in the registration, sweepstakes, contests, etc. We do not presently sell or rent any personally identifiable information to third parties.


CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING attempts to provide a secure and safe environment for credit card purchases. Some of CASAFERTONANI.COM’s shopping and fulfilment services may be operated by third-party shopping partners.
CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING collects personally identifiable information to process and dispatch your orders, to provide you with requested information and updates on the progress of your purchase, and to enhance your shopping experience. When you order items from CASAFERTONANI.COM, our shopping partners obtain personally identifying information from you via “active” techniques.
CASAFERTONANI.COM never discloses or uses personally identifiable information for any purpose not allowed by CASAFERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING. No one besides CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING (or its designee) and the delivery providers (e.g., the UK Postal Service and UPS) have access to personally identifiable information collected by our shopping partners. In response to lawful subpoenas or other relevant law enforcement actions, CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING shopping partners may give personally identifiable information.
Credit card information is only used to verify card validity, credit availability, and to charge your card when the products are dispatched. Your credit card information is encrypted and sent from your browser to our shopping partners’ secure order processing systems. Some browsers and firewalls block connections to secure servers. In such instances, you will be unable to connect to the server and so make an order through secure connection. While no method is 100% secure, our shopping partners employ the most advanced encryption available today. Data communication via the Internet is never 100% safe. As a result, while our shopping partners value your privacy, they cannot guarantee or certify the security of any information you provide.
Please be informed that advertisers or websites linked to by CASAFERTONANI.COM may gather personally identifying information about you. This privacy statement does not apply to websites linked to CASAFERTONANI.COM.
Outside Service Providers Several services provided by third parties (external service providers) may be complementary to your usage of the Web site (e.g. merchandise providers, shipping, packaging). These external service providers’ use of your data is regulated by their privacy policies if you use these services and give them access to your data. We will not share your personal information with third parties unless you explicitly authorise. For your convenience, we may transmit some of your personal information to an external service provider who provides such services. Not using such services will prevent us from disclosing your personal information to an external service provider. Because we do not control these third parties’ privacy policies, you should research them before using their services. For each co-branded Web site you visit, you allow CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING permission to transfer your email address back to that co-branded Web site. The co-branded Web sites’ usage of your email address is governed by their privacy rules.
Internal Operations Service Providers We may utilise internal service providers to facilitate or outsource some areas of our business, product, and service operations, and we may give them with some of your personal information. Other than to support the particular outsourced CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING related activity, these internal service providers are not permitted to use the information we offer them for any other reason unless you have specifically consented or given your prior permission. A co-branded credit card or CASA FERTONANI WOMEN’S BODY BUILDING surveys may require you to give information directly to the internal service provider. Any further information you supply them and its usage is entirely up to you. If you directly send personal information to an internal service provider, their use of such information is controlled by their privacy policies. You may be on a mailing list for one or more of our independent franchised gym operators; please contact them directly to be removed.


Data communication via the Internet is never 100% safe. Since CASAFERTONANI.COM strives to protect your personal information, it cannot promise or warrant the security of any information you communicate to us or via our online goods or services. Once we receive your communication, we make reasonable attempts to keep your personal information private and out of the hands of unauthorised persons or other parties. CASAFERTONANI.COM has established electronic security mechanisms and password safeguards to assist further defend against illegal access.
By law, we cannot guarantee that your private messages or other personal information will never be shared in methods not specified above. Third parties may unlawfully monitor or access transmission or private messages, and users may abuse or misuse personal information collected from the Web site, to name a few examples. So, while we adopt industry-standard methods to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee that your personal information or private communications will always stay confidential.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our privacy policies or practises, please contact us at:

2NQ 111 Thompsons Lane, MELSETTER

Because this policy, like the internet medium itself, is subject to change, we encourage you to review it periodically.